People flock to the beach in good weather to get in some sun and some sand.

However, sometimes it can also bring unsuspecting events when it comes to animals stealing food or waves knocking people over.

A viral video shows one beach experience in Puerto Rico where the natural phenomenon amazes everyone there.

Whilst no one was hurt, it is a terrifying sight to behold.

The cameraman is videoing the beach, unsuspecting of what is going to happen next.

From the background comes a huge wave, knocking water over the top and creating miniature waterfalls.

However as it goes on, the waves get bigger and bigger.

The last wave is so huge that it covers nearly all those in the water, making some of the swimmers completely disappear from sight.

viral video beach waveImgur/2yxcgdv

Viral video shows the moment a huge wave knocks over swimmers on a beach

Why is no one worried about the impending apocalypse that’s heading straight for them?

Imgur user

Some Imgur users were baffled by the nonchalant swimmers.

“Why is no one worried about the impending apocalypse that’s heading straight for them?” one questioned.

Others also commented on the lack of reaction from the beachgoers.

One wrote “And the crowd goes mild.”

beach wave funny videoImgur/2yxcgdv

The huge wave crashes over the rock and covers the swimmers on the beach

Beach activities always bring a multitude of laughs.

Two bikini girls on a beach shocked watchers after doing this.

However, one girl is slightly more embarrassed when relacing on a beach.

A backflip gone wrong causes the girl to be both humiliated and in pain.

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