Surfing can be a difficult and scary sport when on the water.

From sharks to waves, it can be tricky to master the skill.

However, a group of surfers found out the hard way just how treacherous the sea can be.

It’s certainly a stomach-dropping moment even for the bravest of riders.

It is a terrifying watch as it completely engulfs them all

The video shows a group of 12 surfers out at sea, as they paddle out to the waves.

However, a huge wall of water grows from in front of them, towering over by hundreds of feet.

They then realise that they can’t face it and so all jump off their boards and into the water to avoid the hit.

It is a terrifying watch as it completely engulfs them all.

surfing videoImgur/rcCzhb6

The video shows the calm before the huge wave takes out all of the surfers

Imgur users were just as scared of the beast wave.

One noted: “I surf most days (never in waves this big, but big enough), getting caught inside suuuucks and can be terrifying.”

Other users still joked about the nerve-wracking moment.

Another user wrote: “Poseidon’s had enough of your s***.”

surfing videoImgur/rcCzhb6

The surfers are engulfed by the terrifyingly large wave

Another surfer as also knocked off their board hen on the sea.

However, the wave was nothing compared despite it causing chaos.

One man had a close shave with death when out on his board.

He narrowly avoided a huge shark out in the water.

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