A woman was trapped inside her car by an enormous black bear in Colorado, US. 

With just the glass window for protection, Denielle Backstrom filmed the bear as it roamed around her car. 

She could be heard screaming “Ahhh!” as it reared up on its hind legs in her direction. 

Denielle blasted the horn to try to scare the bear off but this did little to deter the huge animal. 

Video bear garage car ColoradoKOAA5

Video shows the moment a bear trapped a driver in her car garage in Colorado

Get out of my garage

Denielle Backstrom

The driver could be heard telling the bear to “get out of my garage”. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed the bear was dangerous after recent encounters it had with other people and its unusual lack of fear.

Eventually the animal sauntered just outside of the garage, enough for Denielle to click the button to bring the doors down and safely enclose her in the room. 

Later in the video Denielle tried to reverse out of the garage but the bear stood in her way.

Video bear garage car ColoradoKOAA5

Video shows the bear stalking around the garage as the woman sits inside her car

Its sheer size could be seen in the car’s reversing camera as it completely blocked the path.

The shocking video has gone viral since it was shared online. 

Uploaded to Facebook, the clip has received hundreds of comments and been shared more than 1,800 times. 

One user said: “She is a lot calmer than I would have been…. I’m sure this will be an excellent story for years to come”.

Video bear garage car ColoradoKOAA5

Video – the bear stopped the woman from reversing as it blocked her path

Another shared: “Only in bear country will you be late for work because you can’t get out of the garage”. 

A different bear was caught on camera interrupting a game of golf in Alaska. 

The menacing black bear emerged on the golfing green and bounded onto the course, headed straight for the flag and hole. 

It ignored the golfers’ attempts to shoo it away, before stealing a sandwich from one of their bags and disappearing back into the trees.

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