A lot can happen when out at sea and open to the elements.

That’s what some sailors realised after heading out on a yacht for an evening sail.

Heading out in bad weather is always ill-advised when it comes to being in a boat.

Yet for some reason, they ignored it and almost suffered the consequences.

The video shows the group of people on a boat filming the torrential rain.

As they focus on a boat in front of them, a huge purple lightening bolt hits the water just feet in front of them.

The people on the boat yell and almost drop the camera in fear as they come close to the danger.

Yet they continue to film as they sail away from the bolt.

A boat in a stormImgur/O9glSva

Viral video shows the moment a boat almost gets hit by a lightning bolt in a storm

As a sailor, a lightning strike is one of your greatest fears

Imgur user

Imgur users were also frightened at the situation.

One noted: “As a sailor, a lightning strike is one of your greatest fears. They can crack your hull or kill everyone on board.”

Yet others weren’t so scared.

Another user remarked: “Zeus still pranking Poseidon.”

A boat almost gets hit by lightningImgur/O9glSva

The moment the boat almost gets hit by a huge lightning bolt

Another sports enthusiast had a close call.

One man attempted to use his kayak to surf down a cliff only to meet a painful tree.

Yet one paraglider decided to show off his flair when out in the elements. 

A quick trick from the flier ended in a suave move onto a bench.

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