Cyclists regularly get a bad rap when acting dangerously on the roads.

However, one cyclist suffered some instant karma which was justly deserved.

The young bike rider was seen stealing from a parked car before making his getaway.

Thankfully, he didn’t get too far.

He quickly swerves away as the policeman jumps out

The video shows the young man on a rented bicycle ransacking a parked car.

However as he makes off with the stolen goods, he comes face-to-face with a police van that spotted his thieving ways.

He quickly swerves away as the policeman jumps out.

Yet on his final escape, the policeman hits him off his bike with his car door and knocks him to the ground, stopping the robber in his tracks.

viral video robber thief karmaImgur/OHTJZRK

A cyclist suffered instant karma after stealing from a parked car

Imgur users loved his attempt at escaping.

One user wrote: “‘Oh no the police! I shall outrun their van on my pedal bike!’”

Other users even knew what the term was for the impressive defeat. 

Another wrote: “My brother is a cop. He calls that a ‘door prize.’”

robber watch video karma cyclistImgur/OHTJZRK

The robber was caught out by a police car which knocked him to the ground

Another man suffered instant karma in a similar viral video.

It shows the young man stealing a car mirror before making his escape.

However, he is spotted by bystanders who take chase.

He then doesn’t get much further.

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