A plank is not an easy exercise no matter what fitness level.

Yet this one woman found the task much harder than most, despite appearing to be in good shape.

It wasn’t so much her core strength as opposed to an animal intervention that prevented it from working.

Sadly sit ups appeared just as futile as she gives up.

The woman attempts the plank, only for a dog to come and lie down with her.

However as she goes on to try again, pushing the animal out of the way, he appears to carry on playing.

Attempting to try sit ups, it doesn’t deter the animal from getting in the way.

While the woman does a couple of sit ups, she eventually realises there is no point as the dog sits on her and she gives up.

viral video fitness babe dogImgur/PHzFk

A woman attempted to do a plank before her playful pet gets in the way

This is the opposite of a problem

Imgur user

Imgur users were just as sold with the needy pet.

One stated: “This is the opposite of a problem.”

Other users spoke of the same issue.

“This is why I stopped trying to do yoga. My dog knocked me over one day because I wouldn’t throw the ball he kept dropping in front of me,” one exclaimed.

viral video fitness animalImgur/PHzFk

The woman attempt to do a plank before the dog gets in the way in the viral video

Animals on camera are regularly the star of the show.

A bear recently crashed a game of golf before running off with the flag.

Another woman also suffered a workout fail.

An attempt at showing off the fitness moves ends in pain for the poor girl.

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