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United Airlines announce their plans for the worlds longest nonstop flight

The world’s longest non-stop flight from Doha to Auckland has already been beaten.

The longest flight was initially at 17 hours and 30 minutes with Qatar Airways.

However, United Airlines have now announced a new flight to beat this from Los Angeles to Singapore.

Coming in at 17 hours and 55 minutes, the long flight is an exciting change in the aviation industry.

The 8,700-mile journey will then be currently the longest nonstop flight from the US

The daily non-stop flights from America to Singapore could launch as soon as October 29th.

The airline is currently waiting on approval by authorities but if it goes ahead, will alter the way in which travellers fly on this popular route.

The 8,700-mile journey will then be currently the longest nonstop flight from the US.

The journey time saves up to two hours each way, something frequent fliers will be glad to hear.

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The 8,700 mile non-stop flight will be the longest in the world at 17 hours and 55 minutes

Patrick Quayle, United’s vice president of international planning told USA Today about the new flight.

“It’s the longest route from the US to anywhere in the world,” he stated. “It’s definitely prestigious.”

The flight will leave from Los Angles at 8:55pm, to arrive at Singapore at 6:50am two days later.

It’s certainly a long flight to experience in one go.

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The flight will travel from Los Angeles to Singapore, as the nonstop flight beats the world record

Long haul flights are always a struggle for both the passengers and the cabin crew.

A recent documentary showed behind the scenes of this new flight and how it operates.

United Airlines also haven’t been in the news for positive reasons recently.

However, they recently announced they had issued travel waivers for any travellers to the UK in light of recent terrorist attacks.

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