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Travellers can score a bargain with their travel money with these amazing hacks

With the exchange rate constantly fluctuating, it can be hard to find the best deal when budgeting for a holiday.

However, International Currency Exchange (ICE) have revealed some of the best hacks and tips to make your money go further.

Many travellers are heading to destinations that don’t use the Euro to find a bargain.

Yet this isn’t always the best solution and deals can be found much closer to home.

Online rates can also provide a bargain, as buying currency in-store or at the airport can mean rates are hiked up

Travellers are encouraged to always shop around when it comes to purchasing travel money.

Depending on how much time and what travellers prioritise, choosing a Bureau de Change a bit further out can save money when exchanging.

Online rates can also provide a bargain, as buying currency in-store or at the airport can mean rates are hiked up.

This is also true when it comes to hidden fees, as holidayers are caught out by handling and delivery fees so are encouraged to always check the fine print.

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Travel money tricks can save holidaymakers money when converting currency

Whilst it can be hard to understand what the current exchange rate is, the best time to check is actually a week before. 

This way travellers can either grab a great deal on the day or wait a few more days for a change.

Otherwise, Koko Sarkari, CEO of ICE encourages travellers to consider other factors when finding where to purchase their pennies.

Make sure the Bureau de Change is a reliable and safe service, as well as check out how to exchange money back in case of some spare change on returning to the UK.

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Exchange rate fluctuations can affect currency exchange unless following these tricks

The cost of flights and hotels, holidays can easily break the bank which is why it pays to shop around when it comes to holiday money.

Yet more travellers are deciding to use travel cards with new card Monzo having a waiting list of over 15,000.

With the election this Thursday, the exchange rate is also set to fluctuate.

The Sterling is currently at a 12-week low as the opening of the election week.

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