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Driving abroad on a holiday can be ruined without this simple thing

Heading on a family trip during the summer can be a stressful experience.

Driving abroad can also add to any other holiday worries.

Yet if Britons forget a certain detail, their holiday could end in disaster.

And with some crazy driving laws abroad, it is a simple mistake to make that many may overlook.

f not, they may suffer delays on departure or, in the worst case, could even see the car impounded

Guy Mason

Travellers should always make sure they have the correct documentation when leasing a car.

Without this, they could have the car taken away from them and impounded before they even start the holiday.

Guy Mason, operations director at Lex Autolease explained why it is so important to Business Car Manager Magazine: “Unlike owner-drivers, who should take the original vehicle registration document with them, drivers of leased vehicles must get a VE103 Vehicle-on-Hire-Certificate in advance to prove they have permission from the owner to take the car abroad.

“If not, they may suffer delays on departure or, in the worst case, could even see the car impounded. Ultimately, it’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure they have everything they need.

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Without lease documentation, it could result in the car being impounded abroad

It is worth checking other laws and stipulations when driving in Europe.

France has strict laws when it comes to driving, such as needing a vehicle safety kit in every car which includes a breathalyser kid.

Children under ten are also not allowed in the front of a car without a special child restraint.

They must also have a CRIT’Air clean air emissions sticker to determine their emission levels.

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By following the European Road laws, holidaymakers can have a stress free holiday

Paul Birkhead, head of car insurance at Halifax, said: “Many motorists may be planning to drive abroad but be unfamiliar with local driving laws.

“Before setting off from the UK, we’d recommend drivers do some early holiday reading and make sure they know what to carry in their car and have adequate insurance and breakdown cover in place for the country they are visiting.”

However, some road laws abroad can be rather baffling.

From topless driving to spare water, they range from common-sense to hilarious.

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