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All-inclusive holidays can actually end up saving money

Holiday packages may not always seem like the cheapest option when abroad.

However, a recent survey has found that this may no longer be the case.

An all-inclusive trip could end up being cheaper than a bed and breakfast and having to choose independent restaurants to eat.

All-inclusive holidays are nearly half of the holiday package market, with 46.5 per cent now counted as holidays that include everything in the price.

The research, carried out by Post Office Travel Money analysed all-inclusive packages and compared them with three-star hotels and flight deals, as well as adding in the cost of meals and drinks.

Travellers heading to Turkey this year can grab the biggest bargain.

An all-inclusive package to Marmaris came in at £1,229, which worked out to be 27 per cent cheaper if compared to a bed and breakfast with food and drink included.

With a saving of £462, it’s not just a great saving but also makes a holiday easier without having to plan meals and food for the family.

turkey all-inclusive holiday package

Marmaris in Turkey had huge savings of over £400 for all-inclusive holidays

Families admitted to overspending when everything wasn’t included in a holiday package

Britons heading to the popular destination of Majorca found similar savings of 24 per cent when compared to a bed and breakfast deal.

The survey, which analysed 2,000 travellers by specialist Populus also found that families admitted to overspending when everything wasn’t included in a holiday package.

It found that 71 per cent of travellers admitting to spending an average of £321 on extras outside of a holiday package.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: “All-inclusive holidays are becoming increasingly popular with families because of the potential to control spending.”

And with 43 per cent of families admitting they choose all-inclusive holidays “because it cuts the cost of kids’ meals and drinks”, they continue to be a popular choice this summer.

summer holiday all-inclusive spain

Britons admit to overspending when a holiday doesn’t include everything

Luckily, travellers booking a holiday online are soon to have more protection from firms going bust.

New legislation is to offer increased protection as the first bill to be debated in the Commons. 

However, Britons should be wary about where they decide to head on holiday this year.

The Italian island of Capri is at risk of ‘exploding’ under the weight of tourism.

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