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Britons are applying for Swiss citizenship post the Brexit vote

It is hard to know what will happen post-Brexit regarding the travel industry

EHIC cards, airlines and hotel chains are just some of the areas that are being discussed.

Yet it has also meant people in the UK applying for dual citizenships as a precaution.

With many British expats abroad, it can mean a lot more freedom for travelling around Europe.

Britons applying for Swiss citizenship increased by a huge amount last year.

The number of requests increased from 276 to 473 in 2016, an increase of 71 per cent.

The area of Vaud has more than 9,000 British residents and reported the biggest leap.

However, Geneva, another popular area has risen by 61 per cent.

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British nationals have been applying for citizenships in France, Germany and Switzerland since Brexi

The interest for naturalisation is even stronger among the British

Frédéric Rouyard

Whilst the demand has been slowly rising over the recent years, the current jump is much higher than previously.

Frédéric Rouyard, a spokesman for the Vaud population service, stated: “The interest for naturalisation is even stronger among the British than the countries which normally provide the highest numbers of people becoming citizens.” 

Whilst it could be put down to the Brexit vote, it could also be due to strict laws coming into place next year.

As of January 1 2018, it will be harder to gain a Swiss citizenship as more restrictions come into place, so many parts of Switzerland are encouraging foreigners to apply before this happens.


Vaud and Geneva in Switzerland have reported the biggest rise in British applications

Switzerland isn’t the only place to have reported a rise.

A record amount of Britons have applied for French citizenship as an attempt to keep hold of their EU passport.

Even more recently, more Britons have been applying for German passports. 

Applications have soared fivefold in recent months.

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