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Roaming charges in the EU are to be scrapped from next week

Almost a quarter of travellers return from a holiday with an average overspend of £52


Travellers who always turn their mobile data off when abroad no longer need to do so.

From next week, mobile roaming charges in Europe are to be scrapped when travelling.

This is great news for any holidaymakers who use their phones only to rack up a huge bills.

Leading price comparison site found that almost a quarter of travellers return from a holiday with an average overspend of £52.

The new law comes into affect from June 15th, and is expected to last at least until 2019.

It means that travellers will pay the same amount for sending texts or making phone calls as they would in the UK.

It also means being able to browse the internet at the same rate in the UK.

This is great news for any travellers looking to download information or maps when in a foreign country.

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Travellers in Europe to face lower phone bills as roaming charges are scrapped next week

Whilst this could change after Brexit, the government is still likely to strike a deal with the EU to prevent any steep deals.

uSwitch said: “Whether that happens depends on if the government decides to enforce the current capped prices for roaming with new legislation.”

Yet until then, from next week Brits can benefit from these charges being abolished.

However travellers should check which countries are included as roaming charges out of the EU could soon face a 20% VAT on top, making other countries much more expensive to use data.

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Holidays in Europe will be cheaper without a huge phone bill as roaming charges are scrapped

When abroad, holidaymakers are urged to use their phone to keep them safe when on a trip.

These mobile hacks can keep travellers safe if they ever get into trouble.

The new iPhone iOS update is also helping travellers out when abroad.

From translation services to airport maps, Siri will be able to assist when abroad much better.

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