An earthquake measuring 6.3 magnitude has hit Turkey, a popular holiday for Brits every summer.

The quake has hit the western coast, close to the Greek islands of Lesbos and Samos.

It was said to have been felt in Istanbul and Athens, as well as in Sofia. 

However, there are currently no reported injuries in the country.

We are advising residents in affected areas of Lesbos to remain outdoors until buildings can be inspected

Efthimios Lekkas, senior seismologist

Senior seismologist Efthimios Lekkas has spoken out about the current quake: “We are advising residents in affected areas of Lesbos to remain outdoors until buildings can be inspected.” 

Witnesses have described it as the biggest quake they have felt in Turkey and that ”everyone ran outside”. 

Didem Eris, a 50-year-old dentist in the Turkish coastal city of Izmir, told Reuters news agency: “The trembling was really bad. Everything in my clinic started shaking wildly, we all ran outside with the patients.

“We are very used to earthquakes as people of Izmir but this one was different. I thought to myself that this time we were going to die.”

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Is Turkey safe to travel to, after the recent news of an earthquake?

If travellers are ever caught in an earthquake, they are advised to follow some key advice to avoid being hurt.

Aftershocks can happen for hours afterwards, so are best to stay away from buildings which could collapse and injure them.

People are also warned to get under strong surfaces such as a table to remain protected from falling debris.

However, holidaymakers should quickly get outdoors and stay in open spaces until the quake has subsided.

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Turkey remains a popular tourist destination, despite recent news of an earthquake

Turkey has also been under recent threat regarding a high chance of terrorism.

It remains on the list as ‘very likely’ to experience a terrorist attack.

However, the Prime Minister of Turkey recently spoke out about the popular holiday destination’s safety.

He advised that Turkey is still safe, stating “ I can guarantee that as safe as London is, Istanbul is just as safe.”

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