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Britons heading to Bali should abide by the local customs to avoid being rude

Bali is a popular holiday destination spot for Britons, with its beautiful beaches and guaranteed good weather.

However, the Indonesian country also has strict customs that are obeyed even in the tourist resorts.

Holidaymakers wanting to head to the country should make sure never to disobey them if trying to be part of the culture.

If they do, they’ll be seen as disrespectful or worse, risk a prison sentence.

Passing something over such as money or a drink using the left hand

One unknown custom that travellers should never partake in is tapping someone on the head.

Even if patting a child’s head in jest, it is seen as rude due to the head being considered holy.

This is also the same for using the left hand.

Passing something over such as money or a drink using the left hand is seen as disrespectful and unclean, so holidaymakers should attempt to use their right hand.

local customs indonesia

Pointing is considered rude, so tourists should avoid doing it when in Bali

Pointing also falls under this as well, and travellers should only point with the whole hand or the thumb of the right hand.

However, the biggest problem to avoid is drug taking or smuggling.

If caught, the punishment can range from huge fines to being put in jail, or in extreme circumstances, execution.

Any travellers who decide to engage in the activity whilst in Bali put themselves at risk.


Handing money with the left hand is also seen as rude in Bali

However, it isn’t just Bali that has some bizarre local customs.

Thailand has some rather odd ones that are sure to baffle travellers.

Whilst Indonesia is a great holiday destination, many fear that it isn’t very safe.

There is a high threat of terrorism in the country, and tourists should also be aware of petty crime as well.

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