If you’ve ever wanted to see the sights of Australia but can’t bear the thought of taking days to get there, Google has you sorted. 

The search engine’s Street View service has been extended to the heart of Down Under.  

Sacred red rock Uluru is finally available to view up close, from the comfort of your computer. 

Australia-based engineers have created a digital tour of the vast expanse of land surrounding the giant landmark. 

Google was allowed to access many areas after being granted permission from the traditional owners of the land. 

Google street view Uluru AustraliaGOOGLE•

Google street view has opened up the site of Uluru in Australia

This Google thing, what they want to do for visitors to come so they can have look, hear about the stories

Sammy Wilson

But there are some sights the team wasn’t allowed to enter due to certain sacred rules. 

Traditional owner of Uluru, Sammy Wilson, said: “This Google thing what they want to do for visitors to come so they can have look, hear about the stories. 

“We wanted to do it so visitors would get more understanding about this place when they come.”

The project was shared between Google Australia, the Aboriginal owners of the land (called Anangu), NT Tourism and Parks Australia. 

Wilson said: “We wanted to just give a small amount of one of the stories here, so that would show people just the tip of the iceberg of things they can learn when they come here.

Google street view Uluru AustraliaGOOGLE

Google street view now takes you on a virtual tour of the red rock Uluru in the centre of Australia

“We hope it encourages them to want to come and learn more from the Anangu people out here.”

The major Street View operation took two years to complete. 

In respect of Anangu wishes, engineers didn’t climb the rock itself. 

Instead they used the tracker to tour the areas surrounding Uluru, offering up a unique virtual view. 

The Google tracker involves a 360 degree camera mounted to a backpack which captures images of hard to reach surroundings around the world. 

Google street view Uluru AustraliaGOOGLE

Google street view’s Uluru project took two years to complete

This particular project has added the element of sound, with Story Spheres. 

These incorporate recordings of traditional song and folklore in addition to the visual tour on Google. 

Last year residents in the Faroe Islands made their own Street View after the area was skipped by Google due to its remote location. 

They attached cameras to sheep to produce Sheep View, and the project eventually brought Google out to do the real job. 

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