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Holidaymakers choose McDonalds as their favourite food destination when on holiday

Foreign cuisine can sometimes be the best part of the trip.

From pasta in Italy to paella in Spain, holidaymakers can experience the finest food from around the globe.

Yet Brits apparently prefer to choose a much more familiar gastronomy when on holiday.

It comes as a surprising place as travellers just can’t resist a good burger.

Travellers from the capital city spent the most on eating when on holiday

Research by WeSwap found that 23 per cent of a holidaymakers budget when abroad is spent on eating out.

Yet half of that is spent at McDonald’s instead of local restaurants and cafes.

Even more shockingly, McDonald’s is the number one destination in 3 out of 5 most visited cities in the world.

People from London were the biggest foodies as well, as it found that travellers from the capital city spent the most on eating when on holiday, as opposed to Scots who chose shopping instead.

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McDonalds is one of the most visited destination when on holiday

The survey analysed the spending habits of over 700,000 WeSwap transactions in 2016, which amounted to over £35 million.

Whilst nearly half of travellers holiday budget was spent on alcohol, it also found that Baby Boomers spent twice as much as Millennials when on holiday.

It also found which regions of the UK spent the least when on holiday.

People from the East Midlands spend only £1,50 on a holiday, compared to the biggest spenders in Home Counties of £1,203.

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Brits head to McDonalds when abroad as their favourite place to eat

McDonald’s fans abroad can also try out different items on the menu that aren’t in the UK.

Singapore and Philippines branches offer curly fries on the menu, despite no plans to bring it to the UK.

Yet Brits can rest assured of some of the best McDonalds options.

A ‘secret’ menu has been revealed, combining the much-loved McFlurry with this item.

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